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14 New Artifact Cards Revealed

14 New Artifact Cards Revealed

Great news this week for all Artifact fans looking for more information about the game. After the PAX West public showing ended, the Artifact team tweeted that there will be more opportunities to see the game in action before the beta starts, and this week they started a card reveal campaign on their official twitter account and in collaboration with other content creators.

For those of you who were not able to follow all the activity on Twitter (or for those afraid you might have missed some new cards), we put together a recap of all the revealed cards this week, in order:

1. Arcane Censure

Arcane Censure Artifact

Arcane Censure is a 4 mana black spell that reads “Modify the enemy tower with -1 Mana”. It’s the first card we’ve seen that lets you interfere with your opponent’s mana, so it might come in handy when dealing with those pesky green ramp decks.

2. Champion of the Ancient

Champions of the Ancient Artifact

Champion of the Ancient is a 7 mana green creep that reads ” Play Effect: Modify Champion of the Ancient with +1 Attack, +1 Health and +1 Cleave for each enemy”.  It starts with 2 Attack and 6 Health (very understated for its mana cost), but it can get big very quickly against decks that like to swarm the board with small minions, making it a great situational tech card.

3. Tidehunter

Tidehunter Artifact

Tidehunter is a Red Hero with 2 Attack, 1 Armor, 18 Health, and a very powerful Active Ability called Ravage that reads: “Active 4: Stun Tidehunter’s enemy neighbors this round and each other enemy has a 50% chance of being stunned this round.”

Tidehunter Artifact Ravage

Like every Hero in Artifact, it comes with a unique signature spell, which costs only 1 mana, called Kraken Shell: “Modify a red hero with +1 Armor. Get Initiative”

Kraken Shell Artifact

This is the hero with the highest amount of health we’ve seen so far, and although its attack value is pretty low, that can be mitigated by equipping attack items on him.

4. …And One For Me

And one for me Artifact

…And One For Me is a 4 mana blue spell: “Choose a hero. Put a base copy of a random item equipped by that hero into your hand.” The randomness in the card effect can be mitigated by choosing a hero that has only one item equipped, ideally a very expensive one.

5. Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner Artifact

Centaur Warrunner is a red Hero with 4 Attack, 14 Health,  and a Continuous Effect called Return: “Centaur Warrunner has +2 Retaliate.”Centaur Warruner Return

Its signature card costs 1 mana and its called Double Edge: “Give a red hero +8 Attack and -8 Armor this round”.

Double Edge Artifact

A high-risk/high-reward type of card, that can spell a lot of trouble for your enemy if he does not find an answer very quick.

6. Corrosive Mist

Corrosive Mist Artifact

If you thought that buffing your units and heroes with items is close to an overpowered strategy, you might have to rethink that after you see Corrosive Mist, a 5 mana green spell that reads “Condemn all equipped items.” Although situational, this spell is extremely strong because it affects all lanes, not only the lane it is played in.

7. Helm of the Dominator

Helm of the Dominator Artifact

Helm of the Dominator is an item that costs 19 gold – one of the most expensive items in the game-, and it comes with 2 effects:

“Equipped hero has +3 Armor.

Active 2: Get control of an enemy creep.”

While 3 Armor is nothing to scoff at, the Active is what justifies its high price. Getting control of an enemy creep, especially if it’s a big creature like Lycan’s wolves, can be game-winning.

8. Gank

Gank Artifact

Gank is a 4 mana black spell that reads: “Choose an allied black hero. Choose another unit in any lane. They battle each other.”

Some players have called Gank the most powerful spell revealed so far, and although we’re unsure whether it’s worthy of that accolade yet (we have some seen some very powerful spells before) nobody can argue that cross-lane removal at such a cheap cost isn’t extremely strong.

9. Lich

Lich Artifact

Lich is a blue Hero with 5 Attack,  9 Health, and an active ability Sacrifice: ” Active 2: Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more Attack, draw an extra card.”Sacrifice Artifact

Its signature spell is Chain Frost, a 7 mana spell that reads: ” Deal 3 damage to a unit. Repeat 7 times: Deal 3 damage to a random unit to its left or right.”

Chain Frost Artifact

When it was specified that Blue Heroes have very powerful late game spells, they weren’t kidding. Chain Frost is a strong spell, on par with Luna’s Eclipse or Zeus’s Thunder God’s Wrath and Lich even looks like a very well stated hero at 5 Attack and 9 Health. Its Active Ability, Sacrifice, allows for interesting counterplay as you can condemn Heroes that would have died anyway that turn and trade some tower damage for extra card draw.

10. Legion Standard Bearer

Legion Standard Bearer Artifact

Legion Standard Bearer is a 4 mana Red Creep, with 0 Attack and 6 Health, that has a very interesting effect: ” Legion Standard Bearer’s allied neighbors have +4 Attack.” Despite its own 0 Attack, this creep can turn a non-threatening board into a real problem very fast and makes a high priority target for removal.

11. Obliterating Orb

Obliterating Orb

Obliterating Orb is a Consumable Item that costs 10 Gold for which you can “Condemn an improvement”. We’ve seen some other ways to deal with improvements before, the red hero Pugna being one of the options with its Active Ability,  but the Obliterating Orb is the first item available for all colors that provides a more efficient way without much investment. If you’re facing a lot of improvement-focused decks, be sure to put an Obliterating Orb (or 3) in your item deck.

12. Vhoul Martyr

Vhoul Martyr Artifact

Vhoul Martyr is a 2 mana Green Creep, with 2 Attack and 2 Health and a Death Effect: “Modify allies with +1 Attack and +1 Health.” You get more value the more allies you have, so a deck that relies on a lot of units seems to be like the obvious choice for Vhoul Martyr.

13. Relentless Zombie

Relentless Zombie Artifact

Relentless Zombie is a 2 mana blue Creep, with 2 Attack, 2 Health and a Play Effect: “Give Relentless Zombie a Death Shield.” If you’re not familiar with the Death Shield definition, don’t worry, as it’s pretty straightforward:

Death Shield: If a unit would die, instead remove its death shield and it survives with 1 Health. A unit may only have one death shield at a time.”

We can assume we’ll see more Death Shield synergy cards, and Relentless Zombie won’t be the only zombie wandering around.

14. Selfish Cleric

Selfish Cleric Artifact

Selfish Cleric is a 4 Mana Green Creep with Attack, Health and a very unique effect: “Fully heal Selfish Cleric after the combat phase”.

Its initial health may not be that much to work with, but equip an item or do on him, and suddenly that full heal after each combat phase becomes a nightmare to deal with.

These are the new cards revealed this week by PlayArtifact or in collaboration with other content creators. We’ll continue keeping you up-to-date with new releases as they come, so follow us on Twitter, or bookmark our site and stay tuned.


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