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Artifact at PAX West: Summary

Artifact at PAX West: Summary

By far the most anticipated gaming event by the Artifact community, Artifact’s first public showing at PAX West delivered on the hype and provided us with plenty of news, updates and unforgettable moments. If you haven’t had a chance to follow all the action the last few days, here’s a summary of everything that happened:

Massive public interest

Artifact was the biggest attraction at PAX West with people lining up for hours to get a chance to play it. Pictures posted on social media showed queue lines rivaling those of an iPhone launch, showing massive public interest and a passionate fan base.

Artifact PAX West Summary 1

Like in every good story, those that were patient enough to suffer through the long wait got rewarded with the chance to play Artifact, 2 Beta Keys, and some awesome swag:


Artifact full gameplay showcased

While we used to have a pretty good idea how Artifact is played beforehand, based on previous game leaks and guesses, seeing the game in action provided us with plenty of new information, adding even more features, mechanics, and options to an already complex and rewarding game. While we work on writing a full guide on how to play artifact explaining every little detail (there is a very interesting game timer and you can end the game in a draw), here’s a basic introduction to playing Artifact from Tom Marks at IGN.

How to play Artifact

Once you got the basics down, you can take a look at a full match in 4k, although beware that the focus is more on showcasing the new cards, effects, and mechanics rather than perfect gameplay.

Artifact Full Match Gameplay


Artifact Tournament: Challengers vs Champions

Day 2 and Day 3 of the convention featured a live stream on the new twitch competitor launched by Valve,, where people that played the game for the first time and were on a winning streak vs their peers – called Challengers – got to play on the main stage versus one of the more experienced Artifact personalities – called Champions – who had access to the game for a while as part of the closed Beta.

To make the games fair and challenging, Champions started with a handicap, their towers having only 30 health points instead of the usual 40 health points. The 4 Champions were also casting the games during their breaks, and in our opinion, they made an excellent job keeping the stream entertaining and educational, so big props to SirActionSlacks, SUNSfan, Fwosh, and Lumi.

One of the most disputed games was between Linso (a professional Artifact player signed by the well-known Chinese gaming team EHOME) and SUNSfan, so if you’re looking for some intense, high-level gameplay with commentary provided by Slacks and Fwosh, this game is worth viewing.

Artifact Full Match between Pro Players


What’s next?

For anyone interested in playing or watching the game, there are two big announcements to keep in mind:

1. There will be more opportunities to watch the game before the Beta begins

Artifact PAX West Summary 4

We know the Beta begins in October (as we previously mentioned), but the announcement that there will be more opportunities to watch the game before that is something unexpected. Seeing that there are no major gaming conventions from now on until October, we hear some whispers that Valve is ready to lift the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and allow closed Beta players to stream the game. That would be huge for the game and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

2. TI8 and PAX won’t be the only ways to get into the Artifact beta.

So, if you didn’t have a chance to attend TI8 or PAX, stay tuned for more ways to get into Artifact Beta.


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