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Artifact Beta starts in October and how to get in

Artifact Beta starts in October and how to get in

After the announcement that Artifact’s first public showing will be at PAX West between 31 August and 3 September, many Artifact fans were not expecting any further news during the DOTA 2 International tournament. And since we already have an official launch date for 28th November, as we previously mentioned , the general consensus was that an open beta was out of the question.

However, great news are coming from Valve, which announced through Gaben Newell that Artifact Beta will actually start in October, although a more precise date has not been mentioned.

“Last thing, the Artifact team is down at PAX, so they couldn’t be here. But what they asked me to tell you is, if you’ve linked your ticket to your account, you’ll get a free copy of Artifact, and you’re all in the beta starting in October in order to compete in the tournament. So good luck.”

Gabe Newell


How to get into Artifact Beta


Artifact Beta

We’ll continue to keep you updated as new information comes in, but as of now, there are only 2 known ways to get into Beta:

1. Attend the TI as a spectator and link your TI ticket to your steam account

2. Attend PAX West (31 August to 3 September), and compete in the on-site tournament to get 2 free copies of artifact as well as two keys for the Beta, as it has been confirmed on Twitter.

There is a lot of speculation that there will be additional ways to get into beta, especially for people from outside US, for whom attending offline events in US is not feasible, but as of now nothing is confirmed.

There is also the strong possibility of people selling their Artifact Beta keys on Ebay (only people attending from PAX West get keys, people attending TI just get their steam account linked, so they can’t transfer the game) as selling Dota 2 beta keys was widespread when it first launched, but we think it’s better to wait for more information before jumping to conclusion, especially since we expect a lot of news to come out during PAX.

Will Artifact Beta Players publicly stream the game in October?

We know that the small number of people who are currently into Artifact Beta are under NDA (non-disclosure agreements) and are not allowed to talk about the game or stream it publicly, but once the Beta is live, we expect that restriction will be lift. So get ready to watch some high-level Artifact gameplay from your favorite streamers in October.




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