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Artifact Blue Heroes Ranked – ArtiGaming
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Artifact Blue Heroes Ranked

Artifact Blue Heroes Ranked

Blue is considered by many the strongest color in constructed Artifact right now, mainly due to the strong spells available to them. But in order to cast those spells, you need a blue hero in that lane, so it’s time to take a look at the strongest blue heroes in Artifact and their signature spells.

As a general rule, blue heroes are pretty weak and squishy in terms of stats, especially compared with the red heroes that we covered in our previous article, but they make up for that with their very powerful abilities and signatures spells. We divided the blue heroes into 3 tiers, according to their current power level:

Tier 1: The best heroes so far, meta defining, that will be auto-included in their archetypes as staple cards.

Tier 2: Good heroes that are going to see competitive play, but in niche decks and which have certain weakness making them situational and not auto-include like those in tier 1.

Tier 3: Situational heroes that are good for beginners, very specific scenarios or for meme decks. Their power level is slightly lower than those which see constant competitive play.

There are 12 blue heroes in Artifact but only 10 have been officially revealed so far, but don’t worry, as soon as the other blue heroes are revealed, we are going to update our ranking. Without further ado, here they are:

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Tier 1: Best Blue Heroes in Artifact





Luna is a staple in every competitive blue deck and I would argue perhaps the strongest blue hero right now.

She is a 3 Attack and 8 Health blue hero with a passive ability called Lucent Beam: Before the action phase, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to each Eclipse card in your hand or deck.

Her signature card, Eclipse, is a 6 mana spell: Repeat for each charge. Deal 3 piercing damage to a random enemy.

I think this is the first time that we see the effect of a signature card being improved by the passive ability of a hero. Every round Luna stays on board and her passive ability triggers, a charge is added to Eclipse making that 6 mana spell more and more powerful, regardless of whether you had drawn Eclipse in your hand or it’s in your deck.

This makes Luna a threat on board that your opponents can not afford to ignore, and you will see them going out of their way to kill her as much as possible. The 3 Attack and 8 health body is actually one of the better-stated hero cards for blue heroes, so removing her is not such an easy task.

Eclipse can be insanely powerful if enough charges are added before you play it since you can pretty much wipe an opponent’s board with it for only 6 mana. We’ve seen powerful blue spells before at 6 mana like Annihilation that condemns all units, but a well charged Eclipse is even better since it only damages the opponent’s board and your own units survive.  Even though it can struggle against aggressive decks a bit, almost all tier 1 competitive blue decks right now run Luna, and it’s definitively a tier 1 hero.





Zeus is another staple in competitive blue decks and the only one who can challenge Luna for the title of the best blue hero in Artifact.

He is a 3 Attack and 7 Health blue hero with a passive ability called Static Field: Deal 1 piercing damage to Zeus’s enemy neighbors after you play a blue spell.  The body is pretty understated, but that’s in line with all blue heroes, even Luna is just a 3 Attack 8 Health after all, and still much better than some of those almost impossible to keep alive heroes like Crystal Maiden and Prellex.

The passive ability is very powerful, especially since blue decks use a lot of spells and you get the passive ability triggering very often.

His signature called, Thunder God’s Wrath is a 7 mana blue spell that deals 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in ALL lanes, and it’s a staple blue finisher. If you’re able to kill a couple of heroes with Thunder God’s Wrath or get a full wipe, you can pretty much close the game before the enemy has a chance to redeploy its heroes and play anything.

Cross lane removal is highly valued in this meta, and Thunder God’s Wrath is a premier removal that makes Zeus a strong tier 1 hero.





Kanna is everyone’s favorite character, and that’s especially impressive since she is not one of the original heroes from Dota 2, but the card art and her lore seems to have stricken a chord with the Artifact fans.

Kanna is a 2 Attack and 12 Health blue hero with a passive ability called Bringer of Conquest: the random allied melee creeps are deployed into Kanna’s lane. She has exceptionally good hero stats for a blue hero, making her very hard to kill with her 12 Health and that’s one of the reasons she is considered a tier 1 hero. Survivability on a blue hero is highly sought after in the current metagame.

Her passive ability can occasionally be a downside, especially in blue mirrors. There are many instances where you don’t want all your melee creeps to be summoned into Kanna’s lane since they are weak to area-of-effects spells (that’s why Kanna loses some of her power in blue mirrors where people have access to very powerful board clears).

Her signature spell, Pray on the weak, summons a Hound of War (a 2 Attack 1 Health creep) for each damaged unit, including enemy units, for only 4 mana. This spell has amazing synergy with other blue spells that damage units and allows you to gain control of the board for a very low cost, which is why Kanna is definitively a tier 1 blue hero.

Tier 2: Good Blue Heroes in Artifact





Blue heroes have very strong late game finishers, but are weak early game and struggle to survive. Venomancer is one of those blue heroes that can help you stabilize early on due to its arsenal of defensive abilities and ensure you get to cast your bigger spells later on.

Venomancer is a 2 Attack and 6 Health blue hero with a passive ability called Venomous Nature: Summon a Plague Ward into Venomancer’s lane every deployment phase.   A Plague Ward is a 1 Attack and 3 Health creep that deals 2 piercing damage to a random enemy before the action phase.

Since the damage for Plague Ward activates before the action phase, you often get a chance to snipe and kill units before they enter combat phase, especially when you combine it with other sources of damage such as Conflagration. The 3 Health on the Plague Ward makes them quite inconvenient for your opponent to deal with, since they don’t die to the normal 2 Attack of a melee creep.

Venomancer’s signature card is a 4 mana spell Sow Venom that summons an additional 2 Plague Wards. Since Venomancers shores up some of blue’s weakness, it’s currently a strong call in the metagame and in the upper echelon of tier 2. It’s not tier 1 since it does not pack such a strong punch as compared to the likes of Luna, Zeus or Kanna.


Skywrath Mage



Skywrath Mage is a Attack and 6 Health blue hero with an active ability on a 2 turn cooldown called Concussive Shot: Give a hero and it’s allied neighbors -2 Armor this round.  Negative armor is actually a good effect in blue decks since they have a lot of spells that do low damage, so Concussive Shot is pretty useful in a lot of situations. The body is very weakly stated, you may think that it’s not much of a difference between a 3 Attack 6 Health Skywrath Mage and 3 Attack 8 Health Luna, but quite often the extra 2 Health ends up saving your hero.

His signature card, Mystic flare, is a 6 mana blue spell that deals 12 damage evenly divided among a hero and its allied neighbors. If there is only one unit isolated in a lane, you can deal 12 damage to a single unit; if there are 2 units, each of them takes 6, and if there are 3 units, they take 4 damage each. In that regard, the flexibility is a bonus and it leads to interesting decisions as to where you want to play it, but in terms of raw power the damage is capped at 12, while Luna’s Eclipse featured above can deal much more than that, which is why Skywrath Mage is a solid tier 2 blue hero.





Earthshaker is a Attack and 7 Health blue hero with an active ability on a 4 turn cooldown called Fissure: Stun Earthshaker’s enemy neighbors this round. His active ability is reminiscent of the one Tidehunter has as they are both very similar, and as we mentioned in that article, 4 turns cooldowns abilities rarely get used more than once or twice per game. The hero card stats, 2 Attack and Health are slightly below the competitive level at the moment, but a lot of blue heroes have worse stats like that, so it’s not a liability in the lane.

His Signature Card Echo Slam, one of our favorite spells that we got to see in action at the PAX West tournament, is an expensive 7 mana blue spell that deals damage to each enemy equal to the number of enemies. This actually is very powerful and for some other colors would perhaps be an auto-include hero, but there are actually a lot of blue spells that achieve a similar board clear effect, downvaluing the Echo Slam a bit.

Tier 3: Situational Red Heroes in Artifact


J’Muy the Wise



J’Muy the Wise is a 3 Attack and 8 Health blue hero, with an active ability on a 4 turn cooldown Wisdom of the Elders: Draw a card. J’Muy is the basic blue hero, so, following the trend of basic heroes, he is not that impressive and he is usually used as a budget replacement for stronger heroes. The body is not bad, when it comes to blue heroes 3 Attack and 8 Health is actually pretty decent, but Drawing a card every 4 turns seems insignificant most of the games.

His signature spell, Battlefield Control is a 1 mana spell that allows you to choose a unit and change its combat target. Since this can be used both on allied and enemy units it has some utility as you can save some of your weak heroes by redirecting an enemy’s attack, so it’s not bad by any means, but it’s not game-changing either.





Prellex is a Attack and Health blue hero with a passive ability called Bringer of the Faithful: Summon a melee creep into Prellex’s lane each deployment phase. The passive is extremely powerful, a melee creep being an extra body with 2 Attack and 4 Health, but it’s very hard to keep Prellex alive, since she barely has more health than a creep, similar to Crystal Maiden.

Squishy blue heroes can sometimes be competitive if their signature spells are powerful enough to make up for their understated bodies, but Prellex’s signature card, Barracks,  a 5 mana improvement which summons a melee creep each deployment phase is not one of those strong spells. Is very hard to get value from Barracks, and there are better and more effective alternatives in the game for summoning creeps on board.


Crystal Maiden



Crystal Maiden is a 2 Attack and 5 Health blue hero with a passive ability called Arcane Aura that restores 2 mana to a tower in a lane after the first time an allied spell is played in that lane. In terms of stats, the hero card is basically just slightly better than a melee creep which has 2 Attack and 4 Health, and her passive ability has some niche combo potential but did not find yet a place in the meta. The main drawback is that in order to be able to benefit from that passive continuously, you need to keep a 2 Attack 5 Health hero alive in the lane, which is not an easy thing to do in the current meta.

Her signature card, Frostbite – which for 3 mana deals 2 damage to a unit and disarms it this round – it’s actually quite good and something that a lot of blue heroes strongly need in the early game in order to survive, but unfortunately it’s not great enough to make up for the weak hero stats.





Meepo is a very unique card based on his Dota 2 counterpart, but unfortunately, as much as we love him, this does not make him a competitive hero by any means.

Meepo is a 4 Attack and 5 Health blue hero and the only hero with 2 abilities, one passive and one active.

The active ability is called Poof: Move Meepo to an allied Meepo’s lane. Deal 2 damage to the new enemy neighbors. This is a very strong ability, especially since it can be cast on itself, and has only a 2 turn cooldown.

The passive ability is the massive drawback though, United we fall: If Meepo dies, other allied Meepos in every lane also die, ignoring deathshields.

So where do all those other Meepo referenced in the active and passive abilities come from? They come from its signature card Divided we Stand which summons a Meepo. Meepo is the only hero in the game that you can have multiple copies of on board, and in multiple lanes, but every time one dies, all of them die.

With only 5 Health, Meepo can be easily targetted and killed, but if you can make him somehow survive (and you need to make sure all Meepos survive) then you can snowball pretty hard. No chances for seeing him in competitive play so far, but a lot of fun in meme decks.



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